SKIIP 1242 GB120-4DK 0049


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  • Brand – Semikron
  • Part Number – SKIIP 1242 GB120-4DK 0049
  • Category – IGBTs, Power Devices
  • Description – SKIIP 1242 GB120-4DK 0049 Semikron IGBT Module.

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Product Description

SKIIP 1242 GB120-4DK 0049 is a highly efficient and reliable power module designed for demanding industrial applications. This module combines advanced semiconductor technology with robust construction to deliver superior performance in power electronic systems.

Featuring a compact design, the power module offers high power density while minimizing space requirements in installations. It ensures optimal heat dissipation and maintains stable operation even in challenging environments with its equipped advanced thermal management features. With a rated voltage of 1200V and a maximum collector current of 1242A, this SKIIP 1242 GB120-4DK 0049 power module is suitable for a wide range of applications including motor drives, industrial automation, renewable energy systems, and more. It offers excellent electrical characteristics such as low switching losses, high switching frequency capability, and high reliability, making it an ideal choice for high-power and high-voltage applications.

The IGBT is designed for easy integration into existing systems, with standardized mounting and connection interfaces for simplified installation. Its rugged construction and reliable performance ensure long-term durability and minimal downtime in industrial operations.

Technical Information

Product Name : SKIIP 1242 GB120-4DK 0049
Category : Power Devices, IGBTs
AC, 1min: 3000 V
Operating / stor. temperature: -25…+85
Operating DC link voltage 900


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