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  • Brand – Fanuc
  • Part Number – A06B-2238-B605
  • Category – Servo Motors
  • Condition – New
  • Description – A06B-2238-B605 Fanuc AC Servo Motor, aiS 12/4000-B .

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Product Description

The A06B-2238-B605 Fanuc AC Servo Motor delivers precise and efficient motion control in industries. It’s a key component of Fanuc’s renowned lineup of tough and reliable motors, prized for their outstanding performance and durabilityWith a power rating of [insert power rating], this motor can handle various tasks like CNC machinery, robotics, and automated production lines.

Equipped with advanced feedback systems like encoders or resolvers, this motor gives accurate feedback on its position and speed. This means it can control motion very precisely, even when things are changing quickly. Designed to handle tough industrial conditions, the A06B-2238-B605 motor is tough and durable. It can withstand dust, dirt, and other stuff commonly found in factories, so it keeps working with minimal maintenance.

Installing and using the A06B-2238-B605 motor is easy because it has standard sizes and works with many control systems. Plus, its small size saves space, and it uses energy efficiently, helping to save on operating costs. Overall, the A06B-2238-B605 Fanuc AC Servo Motor is a top performer in industries where precise motion control is key. It’s reliable, durable, and easy to use, making it a great choice for various industrial applications.

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Maximum speed  3000 min-1
Voltage  240 V
Motor Type  AC
Frequency  200 Hz
Rated Output  2.7 kW
Power Factor  98 %
Number of phases  3 Phases
Region of Manufacture  Japan



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