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  • Brand – Vishay
  • Part Number – SI4862DY-T1-E3
  • Category – Mosfet ICs
  • Condition – New
  • Description – SI4862DY-T1-E3 Vishay Siliconix N-Channel 16 V Mosfet ICs
  • MOQ – 100 Pcs

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125000 in stock

Product Description

The SI4862DY-T1-E3 from Vishay Siliconix – an advanced MOSFET IC designed for top performance in many electronic devices. This IC is efficient and reliable, perfect for managing power, regulating voltage, and switching circuits in different gadgets. The SI4862DY-T1-E3 has a compact and strong design, saving space and handling tough conditions well. Its N-Channel MOSFET technology manages power effectively and controls voltage precisely, improving how circuits work. Equipped with Vishay Siliconix’s innovative tech, the SI4862DY-T1-E3 has great electrical features, like low resistance and fast switching, reducing power use and boosting overall efficiency.

This SI4862DY-T1-E3 MOSFET IC is versatile, fitting in various industries like cars, phones, electronics, and automation. It works with different control systems and voltage needs, making it flexible for designers and engineers looking for high-performance solutions. Designed to meet strict industry standards, the SI4862DY-T1-E3 is reliable in tough environments, delivering consistent performance for a long time. Its small size and easy integration make it perfect for tight electronic designs. The SI4862DY-T1-E3 Vishay Siliconix N-Channel 16V MOSFET IC offers superior performance, reliability, and versatility for a wide range of electronic applications. Experience enhanced power management and voltage regulation with this advanced MOSFET IC from Vishay Siliconix.

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Brand Vishay
Category Integrated Circuits, Mosfet ICs
Condition New
Part Number SI4862DY-T1-E3
Operating Temperature -55°C ~ 150°C
Mounting Type Surface Mount

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