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  • Brand – Barksdale
  • Part Number – 423X-13
  • Category – Pressure Transducers
  • Condition – New
  • Description – 423X-13 Barksdale explosion proof pressure transducer.

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40 in stock

Product Description

The 423X-13 Barksdale explosion-proof pressure transducer is a state-of-the-art device designed for precise pressure measurement in hazardous environments with explosive gases or vapors. Engineered for accuracy and safety, this transducer delivers dependable performance even in harsh conditions. Crafted by Barksdale, a leading provider of high-quality instrumentation, the 423X-13 meets rigorous safety standards, making it ideal for industries like oil and gas, chemical processing, and petrochemicals where explosion-proof equipment is vital. Its sturdy design enables it to withstand extreme temperatures and high-pressure environments.

Equipped with advanced sensing technology, the 423X-13 provides precise pressure readings, ensuring optimal performance and safety in hazardous locations. Its explosion-proof housing adds an extra layer of protection against potential ignition sources, ensuring peace of mind in risky areas. Installation and setup of the 423X-13 are user-friendly, facilitating quick integration into existing systems. Moreover, it offers various output options to accommodate different control systems, enhancing its versatility across industrial applications.

The 423X-13 Barksdale explosion-proof pressure transducer is a dependable solution for accurately measuring pressure in hazardous environments. Its advanced features, precise engineering, and adherence to safety standards make it a crucial component for ensuring operational efficiency and safety in critical industrial settings.

Realted Products – 025-29583-001

Brand Barksdale
Category Pressure Transducers, Transducers
Product Status New
Manufacturer Barksdale
Product Name / No. 423X-13
Output 5- 5.5V DC

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