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  • Brand – Vexta
  • Part Number – ASD13A-A
  • Condition – Used
  • Category – Servo Drives
  • Description – ASD13A-A Vexta AlphaStep Closed Loop Driver.

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1 in stock

Product Description

The ASD13A-A Vexta Stepper Servo Drive is a motor driver that provides precise and reliable control for stepper motors in many industrial tasks. It’s part of Vexta’s motion control solutions, known for great performance and durability. Equipped with advanced technology, this ensures smooth and accurate motion control, positioning, and movement of stepper motors. It can control speed and torque, making it useful for various automation tasks.

With its small and strong design, the ASD13A-A works well in tough industrial environments. It can handle vibrations, shocks, and temperature changes, giving reliable performance in challenging conditions. Setting up and using the ASD13A-A is easy because it has simple programming and configuration options. It can communicate with other systems seamlessly thanks to its support for different protocols. Safety is important with the ASD13A-A Vexta Stepper Servo Drive. It has built-in protection like overcurrent and overvoltage protection to keep equipment safe from damage. Overall, the ASD13A-A Vexta Stepper Servo Drive is a reliable and precise motor driver suitable for various industrial applications.

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Brand Vexta
Product Name ASD13A-A
Category Servo Drives, Automation Parts
Condition New
Voltage 100-115V
Frequency 50-60Hz

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